“BOMBconcepts ‘Startup’ shapes your vision into a viable concept.
Making sure you’re building your empire on solid grounds”

There are no off-the-shelve solutions for making things epic. Everybody deserves their unique start-up.
To make this happen we have a set of basic conditions that are always met.

Fully facilitated settings
We make the program, you make the progress. BOMBconcepts provides fully organized and customized sessions, meetings and a wide variety of workforms to help you get the most out of your ideas.

Unique locations
The standard meeting room will not do the trick! We take you out to alternative locations to keep your mind fresh and sharp.

Supportive network
A great part of success is getting to know the right people. People that can help you expand your ideas. People that fill in the blanks for you. People that challenge you to aim even higher. We’ll set you up with these helping hands.

Creativity maximization
In our methods we seek to optimize the balance between divergent and convergent approaches. On the one hand exploring the wide spectrum of possibilities for your ideas. On the other hand guiding you towards concrete and workable results.

Your startup is not just a matter of concepts and products. It is also a personal road of ‘trials and tribulations’. BOMBcoaches assist you on your way by being a sparring partner and advisor.