Daring perspectives, extraordinary locations, no devices.

In a BOMBsession one or more issues of an organization are addressed by a multidisciplinary team. At the end of the day, the client can confront his challenges with tangible solutions that have been elaborated as much as possible. By using combinations of creative methods, challenging assignments, refreshing interventions, convergent models and extremely strong questions, we arrive at the ultimate answer to the main question. BOMBconcepts ensures that the right people join the session. A well balanced team of BOMBers combined with representatives of the client work together for maximum results. A BOMBsession always takes place in a challenging environment. DEPENDING ON THE CHALLENGE AT HAND, BOMBSESSIONS CAN LAST 4, 8, 16 or 24 HOURS.

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Your key themes are formulated into a very specific goal for the session. The right intake is an essential element, in order to pinpoint the right issues. After the intake, we agree on the best way to prepare for the session.

An energetic and dynamic session. The moment where everything comes together and participants start working together towards a final result.

Together, we reflect on the BOMBsession. What's next? What do you need? In the follow-up process, BOMBconcepts can connect you to its network, to facilitate major leaps in development.